Frequently asked questions.

Best practices for LESecure.com e-mail security

  • The most secure operation is when the sender and recipient both use the LESecure.com web interface to compose and read messages. The message stays on the LESecure.com servers and does not need to traverse multiple e-mail servers.
  • Minimize your exposure if security is ever breached by keeping the amount of sensitive data on the server to a minimum.
    • Periodically empty the trash folder.  Click on the arrow next to the trash folder, and then ’empty trash’.
    • Sent messages are kept by default. This can be disabled in ‘user settings’ if not needed.  If it is desired, periodically delete unnecessary messages.

FOIA and Public Records Act

FOIA and Public Records Act Requests – We are not obligated to respond to Freedom of Information Act or Public Records Act requests.  If we receive such a request, it will be referred to the law enforcement agency or person which owns the information in question. We will support client agencies with regard FOIA and PRA requests.  We will respond to any lawful court order.

May individuals subscribe, or just official agencies?

Individuals who are affiliated with law enforcement or the criminal justice system may subscribe, however we strongly recommend agency approval be obtained by the subscriber before using LESecure.com to transmit official documents.  E-mail sent from an @LESecure.com customer does not indicate official or authentic content.

How do I setup a mobile device?

Send e-mail to “support@LESecure.com” after your account has been established.   Our staff will provide the information you need to configure your smart phone or tablet for use with the LESecure system.

How much does LESecure.com service cost?

The LESecure.com service costs $12.00 per month, per user.  Discounts may be available for groups that exceed 20 users.