LESecure.com is a service for improved security and confidentiality of law enforcement and criminal justice e-mail communication. The system was developed to narrow the widespread security gaps in law enforcement e-mail and messaging.


Law enforcement personnel routinely use e-mail to exchange confidential information including operational plans for future events, investigation strategy and unconfirmed intelligence information. Police reports, investigative notes and digital photographs are frequently sent as attachments to e-mail. Pre-employment background investigation reports are routinely sent via unsecured e-mail. Inadequate security of this data jeopardizes the law enforcement mission and potentially creates an officer safety risk.

The problem:

Most e-mail systems used by law enforcement agencies are managed by City or County IT folks who may not have the resources to implement technical and business standards for adequate secure operation. Law enforcement trusts the security of City/County e-mail communications sometimes not knowing who may have access to read, intercept or divert sensitive messages.

Confidential data is routinely handled by employees who may not have been scrutinized by the most basic background checks. It’s possible that backup copies of messages are made with no audit trail or documented controls for destruction when the backup copies are no longer needed. Data is often transported over unencrypted channels. System administration is often so weak that security breaches would never be detected.

Numerous other vulnerabilities exist. However, it’s not prudent to disclose details on a public web site. Our staff would be glad to discuss these issues and the benefits of LESecure with the responsible individual(s) in your organization.

A solution:

LESecure.com provides a significantly improved resource for e-mail security with its encrypted telecommunications system and professional administration of its servers. Details about the system administrators and our business practices are available to law enforcement agencies upon request.

Service is available to individuals who are affiliated with law enforcement and to government agencies, regardless of the agency size.  Contact us at service@LESecure.com for a consultation on how to better secure your agency’s e-mail communications.